How to Use Flip In Hair Extensions

I am attending to show you how to use flip in hair extensions to short hair. Well, sadly, quite lot folks have shorter hair than we might prefer to, and flip in hair extensions come terribly handy. The best, most likely the shortest length i might recommend feeding flip in hair extensions, within the first place, would be shoulder length. that’s an ideal base. we’ve to section the hair. begin sectioning from the lowest. Not too low, i might recommend from the center of the ear. From the center ear to the center of the ear, we’ll create nice clean sections, similar to that. certify the section is kind of neat. we don’t have any crossed hairs, because we will start back-combing afterward. and that we don’t want to have any pain subsequently once extensions area unit flipped. just flip the top section up like that, checking if it’s even. you don’t need to be precisely precise, but it’s higher if it is a nice neat section. you’ll need a tail-comb or any teasing comb to start out back-combing this space wherever the flips will go. Normally, you’ve got to match the colour of the flip-in extensions to the colour of the hair. And simply a little tip for you, we ordinarily match extensions, any extensions, notably flip-ins to the ends of the hair. If you have got a number of different colours on the ends, you’ll be able to choose many completely different shades of flip-in extensions, and start from the dark going lighter, as a result of normally everybody has lighter hair on the highest.

Flip-in hair extensions area unit straightforward to use on short hair and you can create a variety of appearance. during this short video, you’ll be able to learn the straightforward steps to applying hair extensions correctly.

So, we’ll fit it right in the middle wherever the flips will be. that’s this area, and this space here. We’ll begin back-combing. If it’s a huge night out ahead, then it has to be pretty solid, they need to stay in well. therefore certify you back-comb it well. We’re basically creating little nests for flips, therefore the flips will keep better. We’ll definitely need to use a small little bit of hairspray on these areas. Please check that you let it dry before you flip the panels, the flip-in extensions in. just measure it – perfect. it’s a terribly easy attachment here. Basically, to open the flips, you only continue the sides, and you open it, and that’s what you do when you take them out, or once put them in. So, make sure the flips ar open on either side.

We’ll begin from the left side or the right hand facet, it doesn’t really matter. So, you go right at the scalp. within the space, the back-combed area and you proceed the edges until you hear the clicking noise, so you flip it securely, then you hold the end of the flip-in and you stretch the flip-in extension and apply it into the second area wherever we tend to previously backcombed and glued it. It’s currently staying pretty securely and you’ll be able to attend future stage and apply the second flip-in hair extension panel just higher than, depending on how thick you want your hair to be. If you would love it only for volume and a trifle of length, you’ll forever apply a handful of lines, some of rows. If it’s quite a lot and you would like extremely huge hair and very thick and extremely long look, you primarily apply as several as you’ll, and style it on the look you would like to achieve. And that is how to apply flip-in extensions to short hair.